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Method of test for the quality of honey
Some of the ways to know adulterated honey

Markets are filled with many types of honey of which is not violent and costly natural honey of any material, including what is fake hands which acted add white sugar or glucose syrup or any other material to it.

(Wherein is healing for the people (.

It is therefore important when using the honey to be a real natural unsophisticated and can find real honey adulterated with:

1) says, as drawn in an article published the New York Medical:

(The Alaasal good for her tendency to end the freezing point of the non-smooth and when analyze by weakness and weight of water that becomes a liquid Raiqa non-linear).

2) the amount of honey dissolved in five times as much water distillery, and leaves to the second day, and the exotic materials were deposited at the bottom If the solution is clear means that honey is good.

3) dissolved in alcohol, diluted honey (mm 55 degrees) and left to the second day, you will find Sahivip deposits at the bottom of the pot that the honey was adulterated.

4) Setting the amount of honey with a quantity of water in a pot on the fire until boiling and then put on the heat and leave to cool period then add a little bit of iodine If color appears blue or green, it indicates the presence of starch in the honey.

5) Add a few drops of potassium Eodor dissolved water by 50% to the cup honey dissolved in water or diluted alcohol, the violet-blue color appeared this indicates that honey adulterated carbohydrates.

6) put the amount of honey and a similar amount of water in a pot and then treated this mixture a solution of potassium, the color appears red or purple Dallah on the presence of glucose by the trade.

One of the methods tested by myself to determine fraud honey: 0

1 - to determine fraud honey placed drops of honey in Sbrto (alcohol red), deposition of the honey is real, fake, or is poured into the pot so that Kalkhalit the cut is fake.

2 - taste half a teaspoon noted the speed of melt in the mouth melted quickly if it indicates the integrity of fraud and vice versa.

3 - hold a small taste of honey, and wait two minutes if you find the taste of sweet honey in the mouth and clear you must know that adulterated honey because honey normal after two or three no longer be a taste in the mouth.

4 - the smell of honey and found the smell of honey mixed with the type of plant that feed the bees comes out of it, according to its kind is genuine.
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